A Piezoelectric-Driven Linear Actuator by Means of Coupling Motion


Professor Zhao Hongwei published an article in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2017.2740828

A piezoelectric-driven actuator based on coupling motion has been proposed and tested to achieve a large linear working stroke with high resolution. “Z-shaped” flexure hinges are exploited for the symmetric flexure hinge mechanism to reduce the structural stress. Coupling motion is obtained by placing this symmetric flexure hinge mechanism with an angle of θ = 20° to the slider. Experimental results indicate that linear motion with a large working stroke is effectively obtained by this coupling motion; the maximum motion speed is V s = 6057 μm/s and the maximum output force is F g = 350 g. Additionally, the influences of input frequency f and input voltage U e are investigated, and the system kinetic model is established to better analyze the performance of this designed piezoelectric-driven linear actuator.