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Summary of Academic Report on Collision Dummy, an Intelligent Detection Equipment for Vehicle Safety Collision


On January 2, Professor Xu Tao, member of the CPPCC National Committee and Department of Engineering Mechanics, gave an academic lecture entitled "Research on Crash Dummy, an Intelligent Detection Equipment for Automobile Safety and Collision". In the course of the lecture, Professor Xu Tao analyzed the current situation of traffic safety problems faced by China as a major automobile producing and selling country in the world, and put forward the "neck-jamming" problem in automobile safety collision detection. It is urgent to establish a vehicle collision safety performance evaluation method and collision dummy equipment suitable for Chinese physical signs. The technical route of developing collision dummy was also explained to the teachers and students, and the current research results of the team were introduced in detail: establishing a high-precision and fast-calculating dummy finite element model by means of model equivalent reduction, sensitivity analysis and other means, which has higher computational efficiency than the foreign software on the market; formulating the localization plan of core components and key technologies, and designing a 50-percentile rectification. The three-dimensional CAD model and production process of the face impact dummy (including more than 600 parts drawings) completed the commissioned trial production of the parts.

At the 5th meeting of the 12th CPPCC National Committee in 2017, Professor Xu Tao submitted a proposal of the CPPCC entitled "The Intelligent Detection System and Criteria for Vehicle Crash Tests which are in urgent need of formulating and popularizing the Chinese human body characteristics". He called for breaking foreign monopolies and developing crash dummies and Chinese crash standards that truly meet the Chinese body characteristics. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standards commissioned the China Automobile Center to organize industry forces to carry out research on key technologies, relevant standards and policies for the development of crash test dummies that conform to the human body characteristics in China.

Professor Xu Tao was also invited to be guest editor-in-chief of SCI Journal Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, and published a special issue entitled "Application of Bionics and Human Biomechanical Response in Intelligent Crash Testing of Automobiles".

After the meeting, Professor Xu Tao had an academic exchange with the teachers and students on the spot. The whole lecture lasted two hours. The report gave teachers and students a new understanding of the scientific research of the "neck-stuck" project in China, broadened the horizons of teachers and students, and helped young teachers apply for the National Natural Science Foundation in 2019.

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