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The JLU-Polytechnique Montreal Additive Manufacturing Online Workshop Was Successfully Held


From March 5 to 6, 2021, the JLU-Polytechnique Montreal Additive Manufacturing Workshop was held online. The workshop was organized and presided over by Prof. Xu Chao.

11 experts in additive manufacturing field attended the workshop, including Professor Daniel Therriaul, Professor Louis Laberge Lebel, Professor Sampada Bodkhe of Montreal Institute of Technology, Professor Guo Shuangzhuang of Sun Yat-sen University and Professor Wu Wenzheng of Jilin University. They gave reports on the topics of "multi-functional composite materials and additive manufacturing", "the combination of 3D printing and fiber composites", "3D printing of adaptive structure", "intelligent 3D printing of bionic devices", and "new materials and augmentation manufacturing", sharing the latest research achievements and future research trends. More than 50 undergraduates and graduate students from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, the College of Automotive Engineering and the School of Materials Science and Engineering participated in the workshop. This academic activity enabled the students to understand the frontiers of additive manufacturing and enhance their international horizons.

This academic workshop deepened the understanding between the two sides, and laid the foundation for more extensive and substantive cooperation.